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Martin Singh for Brampton North

Strong and Principled

  • Successful businessman
  • Pharmacist who cares passionately about your health care
  • Family man
  • Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves
  • MBA and degrees in chemisty, chemical engineering and pharmacy

Vision for Brampton

  • Strong economy with good jobs close to home
  • Pharmacare and child care for you and your family
  • A fair immigration and visa system

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Once you've had a chance to learn about Martin and his views we encourage you to join our campaign team. There are a number of positions that can be customized for the time commitment you are able to provide.

Perhaps you're more into reading our blog. It will give you an overview of Martin's policies and his reaction to some current events and issues in the Canadian and world news.

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Parm Gill must withdraw ‘Sari & Spice Tax’ immediately

Monday, 26 January 2015 23:57

BRAMPTON, ON – Now that Conservative MP Parm Gill has been reassigned to serve as the new Parliamentary Secretary for International Trade, he must withdraw the unfair taxes on imported goods, targeting small business owners and families, said Martin Singh, the NDP candidate for Brampton North.

“As Mr. Gill takes up his new role in overseeing international trade, I wish him all the best but hope, for the sake of businesses and families throughout Brampton and Canada, he doesn’t fail to address the growing concerns small business owners are facing under the Conservatives’ current tax regime.”

In 2013, the NDP released details of the Conservatives’ plans to increase import taxes, affecting items like specialty clothes, grocery items and goods from India and 71 other countries abroad, hurting small businesses and consumers.

The increases will cost Canadian importers and consumers $330 million annually. The tariffs on imports from India will include a 6% tax on saris and ethnic clothing and 3% on ground spices including tumeric, fennel, coriander and many others that are an essential part of Punjabi and South Asian cuisine.

“Instead of implementing a ‘sari and spice tax’ and waging war on butter chicken, the Conservatives should be helping create jobs and job security, strengthening the economy and protecting the local businesses which are the backbones in our communities.

“Families in Brampton, whether they own small businesses or plan to eat a home-cooked meal, will feel the direct effects of the Conservatives’ unfair tax hikes – this is unacceptable and unfair,” said Singh.
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