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Martin Singh for Brampton North

Strong and Principled

  • Successful businessman
  • Pharmacist who cares passionately about your health care
  • Family man
  • Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves
  • MBA and degrees in chemisty, chemical engineering and pharmacy

Vision for Brampton

  • Strong economy with good jobs close to home
  • Pharmacare and child care for you and your family
  • A fair immigration and visa system

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Martin Singh
December 22, 2014 at 12:19 pm

For our eleventh day of Christmas issue of how the Conservatives are mistreating our veterans, we have the following article from the Globe and Mail.

The numbers that I draw your attention to here are those that speak to the fact that the Conservatives have not properly maintained over half of the grave sites for those brave Canadians soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives for our great country. Specifically, only about 2,500 of 7,000 grave markers were properly maintained. Forty-one employees were supposed to get that work done where the department only has eight. In addition, the government did not spend over $2 million dollars that had been specifically designated for the purpose of caring for and maintaining the grave markers. This is shameful behaviour.

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Veterans Affairs underspent maintenance of grave markers, analysis shows

A government analysis shows Veterans Affairs underspent by more than $2.6-million on maintaining grave markers for Canada’s war dead last year, at cemeteries like the ones in Italy visited last week by Julian Fantino



















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